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Want to learn a little more about the folks behind the site?

Long story short: We're just like you! Our aim is and will always be to bring you honest, fact-based information on the kinds of gear you rely on, and usefully tips for the outdoors. Whether you like to shoot, hunt, fish, hike, or any number of other activities outdoors, we want to make sure you know where to find the best and most reliable equipment for the job.

So who are we to tell you what's what?

That's a fair question, but we think our lifetime of experience is a good answer to it. Our team consists of folks who love the outdoors. We grew up in the woods, hills, and streams of the great outdoors, and now have want to pass on that passion on to others. Our philosophy is simple, provide truly useful reviews and tips that speak to everyone, regardless of knowledge or skill-level, while staying free of bias and sticking to the cold, hard facts. We are independently owned and not affiliated with the manufacturers whose products we cover, so you can rest easy knowing that when we say it works for us, it'll work for you too. 

Why do we place such a high amount of importance on factual reviews and training information?

An important part of our mission here is to help you get the most out of your outdoor experience. Knowing what you need is only half the battle, after all - you've got to know how to use it as well. We're committed to teaching you the tips and tricks that add up to more efficient use of your time and money at the ranges, on the workbenches, or in the fields. We know you take your outdoor interest seriously, because we do too as outdoor enthusiast. Because of that we want to be sure you are getting helpful information, and you're picking products that best fit your needs, not just the priciest or shiniest new piece of kit on the market.

How does what we do help our clients?

There's a lot of information about gear for different activities outdoors. Sometimes it can get overwhelming just looking at the lists of manufacturers. Our job here is to distill the best of the best down into their essential components and features so then our readers can decide what gear meets their needs. We've spent our lives in the outdoors and want to make sure that anyone else with the same interests has a source for trustworthy place for helpful tips and gear review.

Where are we located?

We are locally owned and operated out of South Carolina, USA. Whether you're just next door or halfway around the globe, we want you to feel welcome here. 

How long have you been in business?

We were proudly established in 2017 and hope to keep bringing you the latest and best information on outdoor gear for many years to come. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback!

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