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Why Archery Is Still a Trendy And Useful Skill to Learn

Quick Navigation Intro: Why Archery Is Still a Trendy and Useful Skill to Learn1. It Helps You Become a More Patient Person2. You Can Improve Your Focus3. You’ll Get Physically Stronger4. It Helps You Relax5. You Can Socialize6. It Helps You Gain Confidence7. You Can Learn Survival Skills8. Hunting SkillsFinal Thoughts Intro: We here at […]

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Shooting Stances the Right Way: Plus Aiming and Gripping

Have you ever seen somebody at the range leaning so far back you wonder if they are shooting, or getting ready for a limbo challenge? The sad truth, so many of us have seen this that the real question should be who has not seen this happen.  A lot of people (including shooting veterans ) do […]

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How to Make Leather Holsters at Home

IWB Holster Buyers Guide

IWB Holster Buyers GuideThis buyer’s guide gives you a list of all the features you must compare before making your final purchase.StyleThere are two styles of IWB holsters that are classified by the design. These are universal which allows you to position it anywhere on your body.Pancake HolsterA pancake holster is made with two pieces […]

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Best Concealed Carry Pants

There are two significant elements we think about when conceal carrying a handgun.  They are what gun we will conceal carry, and the holster we will use. However, an essential aspect of conceal carrying is the outfit we have on, and for many of us, this means the pants we wear.  We made a guide […]

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Essential Pieces of Shooting Range Gear to Pack in Your Range Bag

When taking a trip to the gun range to get some target practice in with your favorite firearms, it can be easy to think you don’t need to bring your own shooting range gear. All the gear you need will be there and available to rent, right? While this may be true for some indoor ranges, […]

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These Are the Best Handguns Ever Made

You walk into a gun store, and a clerk shows you a wide array of firearms on the shelf.  There are so many pistols in front of you that you do not know what to do. What do you choose?  You tell the clerk that you are looking for one of the best handguns ever […]

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Trigger Locks and Project ChildSafe: The Connection

As a responsible gun owner and advocate, safety and awareness about the use of firearms is something you take seriously. That’s why you want to understand more about not only Project ChildSafe, but also the value of trigger locks. Quick Navigation Understanding Project ChildSafeWhat Are Trigger Locks?How to Shop for Trigger LocksSafe Gun Storage Saves […]

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Most comfortable IWB Holsters

Comparing IWB Holsters: Top 5 Most Comfortable Types of Holsters

If you’re new to carrying your gun, then finding the right concealment holster may seem like an insurmountable task. It doesn’t have to be-forget shoulder holsters. IWB (inside the waistband) carry holsters are the only type you need to consider. Besides for security, there are other aspects to consider when making your decision. IWB holsters are better for concealment […]

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Pistol Comparison Chart

The Handgun Caliber Comparison Chart and Guide (That Will Make Your Day)

When you think of shooting a pistol you normally think about how to shoot a pistol, or even what kind of stance you should use. However, one of the least understood, but arguably most important topics for pistols is what caliber really means. As a result, we made a handgun caliber comparison chart, and guide […]

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