Why Archery Is Still a Trendy And Useful Skill to Learn

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Why Archery Is Still a Trendy and Useful Skill to Learn

You see archery on small and big screens all the time. From the mighty elves of the Lord of the Rings franchise to the warriors of Game of Thrones, people see archery as a cool thing that only the most hardworking people can master. But at the same time, it is seen more like a thing of the past, as people have evolved towards guns for striking a target. 

Even if it’s a thing more known in the distant past, it doesn’t mean that it’s less trendy. Many people nowadays are still interested in it. More than that, it can be a useful skill to learn. In this article, you will find out why being a great archer can be an essential skill. 

Impatient people – this one is for you. You know how those few seconds leading up to something important can be very frustrating. The more you wait for it, the more those seconds seem like hours, and more often than not, you lose your patience and even risk acting sooner than you should. 

With archery, things don’t work out the same way. It’s a skill that requires your concentration and patience, so you can’t rush. Not to mention that learning how to handle your bow and arrows takes time – again, this requires patience on your part. 

The best thing about this is that you will acquire patience for other things too, which will help you later in life. 

Archery is, as you probably expect, a sport that requires a lot of focus – especially if you want to get serious about it. So, if you have problems focusing at the moment, archery will help you.

Similar to the previous point, learning to focus on archery will also help you learn how to focus on other things in your daily life. So, you have nothing to lose. 

You see, a lot of people going to the gym to become stronger and look fit, but not everyone knows that archery can also help you get the necessary strength. Since you use your arms, hands, and fingers to operate the bow, you will gain a lot of upper body strength. 

For instance, using a high-quality compound bow such as a Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult can help when you’re training your grip, and you want to improve your strength. This bow can be fantastic for beginners, and it is adjustable too, making it much easier for you to train. As such, your arms and hands will gain more muscle. 

To be able to hit the target with the arrow, you need to concentrate and ditch all nervousness that you may be feeling before shooting. When shooting, you need to control your breathing and focus on what’s in front of you. Thus, you don’t have to pay attention to anything else in your surroundings. Keep in mind that archery is only about you and the bow, and nothing else. 

Therefore, archery can act as meditation – it helps you keep your mind away from the potential struggles in your life. If you do it right and enjoy yourself, you will see that the time will pass so quickly, and you won’t even feel it.

Not everyone is friendly; that’s for sure. Some people might feel nervous when it comes to socializing with strangers. However, since not everyone is into archery, it is a sport where people are united and have respect for each other. This way, you can gain some new friends that you will have for life. 

Friendships between people with the same passions are the best things ever, and who knows – you might even find it easier to open up and get rid of social awkwardness. 

The better you get at archery, the more your self-esteem grows, which is what makes it so great in the first place. You are your opponent, and while the road can be hard and full of obstacles at first, overcoming them will help you gain more confidence. This is an excellent benefit for whoever struggles with confidence issues. 

Therefore, with each bow hitting the center of the target, your self-esteem meter will keep growing and growing, until you can see your worth and give it your best. 

You never know when you find yourself in a dangerous situation in the wilderness. But with a bow and an arrow, you can protect yourself and your friends or family. So, it’s a great way to learn some protection skills.

Apart from protecting yourself, knowing how to shoot an arrow with a bow can also be useful when hunting. Not to mention that you can also get into bow fishing if you want to broaden your skills. 

Final Thoughts

Archery doesn’t have to be outdated – a lot of people see it as a beautiful hobby, and if you’re one of them, you should try it. It also teaches you a lot of skills, such as becoming a better hunter and feeding yourself. In addition, it boosts your focus, self-esteem, and patience, and it can serve as a way to meditate and take your mind off the hardships of life. So, give it a try and see how much it can help you.

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